ou’ve bought some paintings and, if you’re a super-efficient and organised person, then you’ve already hung them and they look amazing. We salute you. If, like the rest of us, they’re still in their packaging or, ahem, leaning against the wall waiting to be hung, then we reckon you need some motivation to finish the job. It can seem like a bit of a chore and it does appear to be one of those jobs that gets put off every weekend. We’re here to get you motivated and in the zone. Stand back, take a look at the room or space you want to hang your paintings, throw out any preconceived notions and have some fun bringing your walls to life. Plan before you hang As with any interior project, the key is in the planning. Firstly, make sure your selected paintings come to life and work in your chosen room. It’s worth moving them around your home just to double-check it doesn’t look even better in another space or in a different light. Once you’ve done this, sketch out on a piece of paper how you want the chosen wall to look. Think about whether it’s going to be minimalistic with one painting or a feature wall with many, as well as whether it’s going to have the work of one specific artist or a selection.